#1: Private boat launch and dock:  as a member of AWSC, you will have private launch capabilities on Lake Allatoona right next to the slalom course.  You'll also have access to our private dock.  It's a great place to suit up and gear up for your day of skiing or leisure.  If you have kids, it's a perfect place to spend the day.  Why fight the crowds at public launches when you can use a private launch for a very low price.

#2: Maintained ski course and jump: you'll have unlimited access to a competition-grade maintained slalom course and jump.  It's  a great place to improve your skiing.

#3: The AWSC members like to have fun: you'll meet people with the same interests as you and be included in many social events throughout the season.

Andy's new suit for 2016! Honored I was offered the first set behind this gorgeous Nautique 200. Even ran a 35 off!

Congratulations Susan Lee McAfrey, the AWSC's newest member!

Carl Black's GMC should be your preferred Tow Vehicle!

AWSC's Premier sponsor making tournament time a great time!

Highlights from the JGMAO - 2015

World Disabled Waterski Tournament. AWSC member Bill Furbish competing for a title in California! Placed second in Slalom, way to go Bill!

Congratulations Skiers!

2014 Medal Winners and Award recipiants of the AWSC State Championships                Below are some great memories! 

Upcoming Events and Announcements...

Outdoor Fun

Our members range in age from 2 to over 65. Enjoy slalom, trick or jump skiing. You don't have to own a boat to be a member. Get to know our members and get all you can out of this wonderful sport!

Slalom  League

Any USA Waterski member may participate in  our Wednesday night slalom.  Skiing begins at 5:00 pm on Lake Acworth.  $5 per set. See club calendar for start and finish dates. This is a no-motor lake. The AWSC is provided a special permit by The City of Acworth to operate one boat during this time.

Unfortunately the water level is dropping now. the ski site course parts will be removed in a few weeks as the site is not safe to operate boats when the lake is 5-6 below full. James will announce a day when we can wade around and take out the buoys.

The winter slalom course has been installed at the Old 41 site. Please enjoy. If you find a buoy is missing and don't have a replacement, let someone know right away.

The winter Banquet will be at Capo's Restaurant in Acworth again this year. See you there!

I wasted no time getting to know Susan. After all, it isn't everyday a gal as cool as this motor's by in her own Sweet Nautique 200!

She is a friend of Bill Furbish, and already knows several club members. She attended the 2016 banquet and our most recent work party to complete her membership requirements. Happy Skiing Susan!

P.S. Don't let me forget to give you a highly sought after club shirt and stickers!

Scott Sundberg has been sighted! Flying the skied of the AWSC. Only been 4 years!     (Rare sighting June 2015)

3 Reasons to Join AWSC... 

If your Slalom Skiing with us, this is what your missing!

New jump/trick dock at Lake Acworth

Its mid October and we have had our final meeting of the year. Our ski club Officers will remain in place for 2017. It has been a fun and full year of skiing. Our club has been rejuvenated with several past members returning and several new memberships as well!

Thank you everyone who helped out this year keeping our club great.

Next year the Georgia State Water Ski Championships will be at Southern Waters in Forsyth, Ga. The AWSC will host a 3 event tournament on Lake Acworth in early June.

We had 2 members from the club compete at the Disabled Water Ski Nationals.

This year we replaced the jump/trick dock on Lake Acworth. While working we met Kelly, who has skied each week since then. She went from an open water recreational rider to a course skier. We gave her a slalom ski to further develop her swerve skills and expect her back next year.

2 of 6 club site dock fingers were replaced. The others will be replaced next spring.

We even had a Jr. Skier sighting... Well, no longer a Jr, now going to college and making wages, Jesse Towne stopped by this summer at league for a set!